Recording Studio Sonoma County

RSU Recording Studio

Our Recording Studio is professionally designed and equipped with a robust Pro Tools HDX recording rig with a large selection of plug-ins. Working in a professional audio engineering environment can defiantly make the difference in your audio production project. Working with our professional recording engineers you will have everything you need. Guest audio engineers and record producers are always welcome with an approved house engineer to assist. Music recording projects in our studio we’ll get to take advantage of a 48 channel Solid State Logic (SSL) Duality with Delta automation. Three isolated tracking rooms and a sound stage.

Along with the video production and streaming capabilities the facility is one of the most versatile recording studios in Sonoma County. With a great selection of microphones and up to 64 track recording Rock Star University Recording Studio provides professional audio recording at an affordable rate. For a complete listing of our professional recording equipment, please check out our Gear page. Inside you will find detailed lists of our recording hardware and software including; Audio Recording Formats, Intel Mac Computers, Hi-End Audio Software, Plug-ins, microphones, microphone pre-amps and EQs, outboard gear, speakers, DI Boxes, and other gear. Feel free to contact us and schedule time for a tour and to discuss the details of your project.