Sound Stage Northern California

Sound Stage

Rock Star University’s live performance venue and sound stage are fully integrated to a built in recording studio with up to 48 channels of analogue recording or up to 64 channels of Dante. With two Pro tools HDX recording rigs that can both record up to 64 channels simultaneously. Having two systems recording the audio provide redundancy during a live performance if one system has an issue there is always a back up. The soundstage is located in northern California’s town Santa Rosa and along with the audio recording the venue also has the ability for a video production of your event. A full video production crew with 5 camera split and HD audio and video streaming Rock Star University is an ideal location to produce a live album and stream your performance in HD over the internet. We are fully equipped to provide pro recordings for both video and audio at the end of your event you can walk away with the multi-camera footage of the event and the multi-track audio recordings, or you can make use of our in house video editing and audio mixing services. Feel free to contact us and schedule time for a tour and to discuss the details of your project.